This page is a guide to all of the Characters featured in the computerized comic "Cookie Crew". From the main team and it's strange stalkers to even the background characters with no lines.

The Team-Edit

Alissa Jones

Cassie Kilby

Pepper Polo

Luna Midnight

Caelum Midnight

Ziggie Heart

Jade Marsh

Jason Kato

Zeke Midnight

Dominic Dark

Ivie Reese

The Stalkers-Edit

James Denn

Damon Forest

The Gender Bents-Edit

Albert Jones

Cassie Kilby

Pepper Polo:

Luck Midnight:

Caelumia Midnight:

Zen Heart

Jaden Marsh:

Jasmin Kato

Zeka Midnight:

Dominique Dark:

Ivan Reese:

Jamie Denn:

Dannie Forest:

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